The present Terms of Use govern -and are an integral part of- the contract undersigned by the User and NEEDS services SARL in relation to certain services provided by NEEDS services SARL.
The User accepts these Terms of Use unconditionally, whenever he/she is making use of the Website [] and/or whenever he/she is placing an order. In case of disagreement, the User will refrain from using the Website and placing any orders.
The use of the Website is reserved to adults entitled to undersign contracts, according to Swiss law. Any person accessing the Website is considered to be a User, whenever browsing through it, using one of its functionalities, or placing an order with NEEDS services SARL.
Should the present Terms of Use not be respected, NEEDS services SARL reserves its right to suspend the access to any Website’s services, without any previous notice.


The present Terms of Use define rights and obligations of all parties, with respect to on-line orders of products and services offered by NEEDS services SARL to the User.
The Website allows the User to request NEEDS services SARL the delivery of a product or the provision of a service by E-mail. To this end, NEEDS services SARL acts as an intermediary between the User and the vendor/service provider. Consequently, the User remains responsible for undertaking any verification considered necessary, prior to the purchase of products or services through NEEDS services SARL.
Should any problems arise from the delivery of a defective product or from the provision of a service, not in compliance with the order’s requirements, the User will have to contact the vendor or the service provider, who is the only one responsible for it. The Terms of Use of either the vendor or the service provider will therefore apply, as appropriate. As intermediary, NEEDS services SARL will not guarantee the products, services, and/or commercial procedures applied by its vendors and services providers with whom NEEDS services SARL establishes a connection on behalf of the User. NEEDS services SARL does therefore not guarantee that the User will be satisfied with the purchase of any products, services or commercial procedures offered by NEEDS services SARL vendors, and service providers through its Website.
Given Internet’s specificities, NEEDS services SARL does not guarantee any continuity in the provision of services, and remains only under an obligation of means. NEEDS services SARL’ cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the temporary inaccessibility of services offered by the Website.
Given Internet’s features, the User namely accepts that it is impossible to fully guarantee the protection of data transmitted through Internet by the User. Thereby, NEEDS services SARL cannot be held responsible in case of data security breaches jeopardising security and data protection. Users are aware of the risks linked to the communication of their personal data. NEEDS services SARL nevertheless ensures personal data security in compliance with Swiss legislation. The User is aware that, generally and at present state of the art technique, whenever personal information is transferred online, it is at risk of being gathered and used by third parties. Consequently the User discharges NEEDS services SARL from any liability or damaging effects, which could derive from the use by third parties of information exchanged through communication tools offered on the Website (namely advices).
Information on the Website can be modified at any time and without any prior notice, in view of the interactivity of the Website, without it engaging the responsibility of NEEDS services SARL.
NEEDS services SARL provides its services exclusively to residents of Switzerland. Products are dispatched only to the Canton of Geneva. For deliveries outside this area please send a message to [].


The entire liability of  NEEDS services SARL and of its partners concerning any loss, negligence or error, in the provision of their services, will be limited to the amounts transferred for the services questioned, regardless of the nature of the complaint (interests and fees included), of the number of actions undertaken, of the reasons evoked, and of the parties involved in the litigation. NEEDS services SARL cannot be held liable neither for indirect damages, profit loss, missed opportunities and expected benefits, nor for any financial consequences, which could derive from any action brought against the User by third parties.
NEEDS services SARL shall never be held responsible in the cases listed below:
following interruption or shortage of products or services;
for facts and data beyond NEEDS services SARL’ services and/or their extension;
following incorrect implementation or lack of consideration of the service provider’s recommendations or provisions.
This clause will not apply to a liability, which cannot be limited or excluded by law.
Only the vendor or the manufacturer of a product ordered via E-mail guarantees its conformity to the User. NEEDS services SARL expressly excludes any warranty.
In order to have its registration validated on the Website, the User will need to accept these Terms of Use by checking the appropriate box.
The User will also need to choose and provide an address as well as his/her bank details.
NEEDS services SARL reserves the right to block any order placed by the User in case of payment failure, wrong address or other issues related to the User’s account, until the problem is resolved.
The User is informed that products and services can be purchased within the limits of their availability. Shortages of products or services cannot give rise to any compensation. More generally, the User accepts and recognises that the effectiveness of services is not guaranteed by NEEDS services SARL.
Considering the large number of requests made through the Website, unless the service or the product can be provided and delivered immediately, the User will be put on a waiting list and attended according to:
the level of complexity of the order
the availability of the products ordered
The User is aware and accepts that any personal data – last name, first name, e-mail, telephone, title, address – can be shared with NEEDS services SARL, the delivery entity, the vendor or the service provider.
The online submission of the User’s card number, together with the final Zoho books order confirmation, will provide: acceptance by the User of the Terms of Use in force at the time firm reservation of the order by the User and requirement of the sums due; express acceptance of all operations carried out.
In case of fraudulent use of the bank card, and once known, the User will be invited to contact NEEDS services SARL at [].


The acceptance of all orders, together with the summary, is confirmed by NEEDS services SARL to the User via Zoho books.


Access and registration on the Website are free. NEEDS services SARL reserves its right to enforce paid registrations and to modify their prices further.
Prices of products and services ordered will be communicated to the Users once their orders have been placed via E-mail. Users are debited once they have expressly agreed with the product or service ordered and its corresponding price. All prices indicated in the E-mail messages are relative to the order placed and include any additional services by NEEDS services SARL, including delivery, preparation and/or packaging, or any VAT applicable on the date of the order. NEEDS services SARL rates can vary, based on time of order, location of the User and availability of delivery services.
The entire payment of the price is required and has to be transferred when the order is made. Sums transferred will never be considered as deposits or advance payments.
Should one or more taxes or contributions came to be added or modified, producing either an increase or a reduction of the cost, this change could affect de sale price of the products.


Any product or service ordered will be paid for directly on the Website through its stripe system, upon confirmation by the User.
Any invoice request needs to be addressed directly via the Website.
In order to ensure transactions’ security and to prevent potential on-line frauds, NEEDS services SARL may undertake checks on the orders. While undertaking such verification, NEEDS services SARL may ask the User to send, by fax or email, a copy of proof of identity as well as a proof of residence. NEEDS services SARL will confirm the order upon reception and review of the documents requested.
NEEDS services SARL reserves the right to interrupt management and delivery of any order in case of rejection of payment authorisation by officially accredited bodies, or in case of non-payment or litigation relative to present or previous orders by the User.


When creating an account, the User register his mobile number and can register his credit card in a secure and confidential way. The User is aware of the need to be alerted in order to prevent unauthorised use by third parties of its E-mail network. In case of loss or theft of its mobile telephone, the User commits to contact NEEDS services SARL, as soon as possible, through the « Contact » section.
Needs can charge the credit card with Stripe or send a stripe link to the customer for unique payment.
The User is the only person responsible for the use of its mobile phone. All access and use of services undertaken from a User’s account will be considered as undertaken by the User. Any order placed and confirmed through a User’s mobile number will be attributed to the User, who will be charged for the order’s costs.
NEEDS services SARL denies any responsibility linked to both the fraudulent use of any User’s mobile number and any harmful consequences, which may derive from it.


Generally speaking, the User’s personal data is used only in order to allow NEEDS services SARL to manage the User’s orders. Personal data is transmitted or communicated to third parties exclusively in order to treat the order, or after the User has consented to it. Personal data may be communicated to third parties whenever the legislation or a judiciary injunction requires it, or in the event of the sale of the activity.
Store your data in our data centres based exclusively in Switzerland
Implement high-security standards and maintain continuous improvement processes to provide you with a high level of security in our services.
Notify you as soon as possible in the event of a violation of your data.
Be transparent when we use subcontractors that could process your data.
Be exemplary in terms of reactivity for security updates on the systems we manage.
The User’s bank details are not stored by NEEDS services SARL. All transactions are entirely dealt with by’s payment services:
185 Berry Street
Suite 550
San Francisco,
CA 94107


The delivery of any product ordered, and the provision of any services are provided only upon confirmation of payment by NEEDS services SARL’ bank.
Product delivery
An independent transport company chosen by NEEDS services SARL delivers all products ordered. The choice is made on the basis of the size and weight of the products ordered.
Products are delivered to the address indicated in an E-mail by the User, who is the only one responsible for its accuracy. Delivery costs of any order returned to NEEDS services SARL, due to wrong or incomplete address, will be charged to the User.
Service execution:
The service is provided to the address indicated by the User, who will ensure its accuracy, on the purchase order. Any displacement of a service provider to a wrong or incomplete address will be billed to the User.
The User will guarantee the service provider’s access to its premises so that the work can be undertaken, also when the User is not personally present on the day the service is to be performed.
A document stating the end of the intervention will be produced at the end of the service execution. The User must declare any irregularities in the service or the conditions of its execution by handwritten reservation with his/her signature. Such examination is considered achieved as soon as the document stating the end of the intervention has been signed either by the User or by a delegated person.


NEEDS services SARL undertakings shall be considered as a obligations of means according to which the services or the [goods] shall be provided or delivered in strict compliance with applicable professional standards and, as the case may be, in conformity with the terms of the [order].


In order to facilitate a smooth execution of services and a timely delivery of products, the User commits himself/herself to:
provide NEEDS services SARL with complete, correct and timely information without requiring NEEDS services SARL to further verify that it is complete and accurate;
take all decisions and obtain all hierarchical endorsement in time;
appoint a focal point with decisional power;
make sure that major stakeholders and the focal point are in place and available for the duration of the service execution;
inform NEEDS services SARL directly of any difficulties incurred, concerning both service execution or product delivery.


The User must verify the products’ conditions upon delivery in order to determine any related issues. Such verification is considered undertaken once the User, or any other person signing the delivery slip, will have cleared it without expressing any reservations.
In presence of defects, the products ordered are guaranteed by their vendor and/or manufacturer, according to their applicable conditions. It is the User’s responsibility to be aware of the guarantee’s conditions directly through the vendor and/or manufacturer. For the avoidance of doubt, it is specified that only the seller or the manufacturer shall be liable under the warranty, to the exclusion of NEEDS services SARL. In no event shall NEEDS services SARL be considered to guarantee any warranty nor does it offer any warranty whatsoever.
The Purchaser has no right of return on any goods ordered to NEEDS services SARL. All returns will need to be directly made to the vendor and/or manufacturer of the product, according to the applicable conditions.


The User guaranteed unlimited access in time to the Website and its services, upon acceptance of its Terms of Use. Should the User breach one of the conditions of the present Terms of Use, NEEDS services SARL reserves its right to temporarily or definitively interrupt the User’s access to its services and/or to the Website, without incurring any responsibility. NEEDS services SARL shall be entitled to claim compensation for any prejudice suffered.


Should any provision of the Terms of Use be in partial or total contradiction with Swiss mandatory legal provisions, it will be dissociated from the rest of the provisions. Any total or partial invalidity of any one clause will not affect the rest of the clause, which will remain valid, together with all other clauses in the Terms of Use. Should one of the provisions of the Terms of Use prove partially or totally null or void, it will have to be replaced with a provision producing economic and legal effects as close as possible to those aimed by the invalidated provision.


The failure by either party to enforce any of the provisions or rights under these Terms of Use shall in no way be considered as a waiver of such provisions or rights.


Should interpretation concerns arise between the headings of clauses and the clauses themselves, the headings will be declared non-existent.
Should these Terms of Use be drafted in several languages or translated, the French version shall prevail.


The current terms of use are subject to substantive Swiss law, exception made for – in order to clear any doubts – the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
The User will address any dispute or claim primarily to the vendor in the attempt of reaching an amicable settlement. Should an amicable settlement not be reached within 30 days, the more diligent party will initiate the appropriate procedure to be brought before the exclusive competence of the Courts of the Canton of Geneva, subject to appeal to the Federal Court.